Oriental Collage Yoga Towel
Oriental Collage Yoga Towel
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Oriental Collage Yoga Towel

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This yoga towel was designed by Italian artist Oana Soare and it's made from 100% recycled materials. It features a waffle grip for stability in any pose.

I’m a visual artist who’s constantly snooping around for creative and original manifestations in design, and looking to connect with the minds that formed them. I also have a passion for classic finishing touches in paintings, ravishing fields of vision in photography and almost unthinkable structures in architecture - they are source of inspiration & I just can’t keep away!


    • Non-Slip Yoga Towel
    • Made from 100% post-consumer waste, primarily plastic water bottles
    • Waffle weave grip keeps you stable in any position
    • 60cm x 180cm (Perfect for your yoga mat)

    About the artwork:

    Oriental Patchwork - is a collage made out of various traditional Japanese and Chinese kimono patterns. On one hand, it references the diversity and richness of their designs, and on the other hand, it references the concept of zero waste fashion, as new creations can be made with leftover fabrics, by using the patchwork technique.