microfibre yoga towel Australia
Microfibre Yoga towel Australia
Microfibre Yoga towel Australia
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Bronte Yoga Towel

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This yoga towel was designed by Steve Pajor and it's made from 100% recycled materials. It features a waffle grip for stability in any pose.


    • Non-Slip Yoga Towel
    • Made from 100% post-consumer waste, primarily plastic water bottles
    • Waffle weave grip keeps you stable in any position
    • 60cm x 180cm (Perfect for your yoga mat)

    About the artwork:

    A gorgeous eastern Sydney beach with a luscious gul- ly. Fondest memories grow- ing up here. Learning to surf, having family barbecues in the summer sheds and rid- ing the little loop train with cousins. All still repeating to- day with the next generation of happy beach going families