The Artists Label is a fashion brand that is created in collaboration with a network of artists from all corners of the globe. We are dedicated to our artists and the authenticity of the artwork that graces our products.  

Each artwork is created by an artist in response to design challenges that set the seasonal mood and colours of our next collection. Anyone can submit a design through our website making the process truly inclusive 

We celebrate our artists and share with you their story and the story of their artwork. You will find inspiring tales of why artists have thrown in their mundane jobs in the corporate world to follow their dreams and talents to find greater happiness in their lives 

The Artists will share the thoughts that were inspiring them whilst they created each piece making it a truly unique and personal experience for the artist and the lucky owners of these unique pieces.

We pride ourselves on the softness and quality of both our Viscose Modal and Cashmere scarves. They are light weight yet warm and drape beautifully. Our scarves are very generous in size being either 200 cm x 70 cm or a huge 200 cm x 130cm wide making them the perfect canvas for our gorgeous artworks.  

Thank you for supporting the Artists that supports us. See who they are and share their story with the people you care about. If you feel inspired, we look forward to seeing your art in our next design challenge.